JINJER: Breaking the Limitations

JINJER Announce European Tour for This Autumn

Ukrainian metallers Jinjer returned this year with their third studio full-length experimentation King of Everything. The album is available from Napalm Records, with whom the band, fronted by charismatic singer Tatiana Shmailyuk, signed a deal for the purpose of releasing the new material. The band has recently announced a European tour for September and October this year. About this all, Tatiana talked with Prog Sphere.

Your new record King of Everything has been really impressing me with its tight song writing and warm performance. What went into the making of this album?

Uh, it’s 100% the evolution of JINJER. Something we have been coming to since the beginning of the band and through previous 2 albums. If you listen to all our releases one by one, you will catch it. Moreover we managed to express all of ourselves on this record. Definitely we are absolutely satisfied with the result.

Was there anything different in the writing/recording process between your first two albums and King of Everything?

Exactly, King of Everything is the first record we composed and recorded as a quartet, without the second guitarist who left the band one year ago. In many way it let us break through the genre limits we used to have before. Besides this, for the first time we had the whole album recorded in demo before entering the studio, which let us see the whole picture in a much better way. Finally we recorded, mixed and mastered album in the same studio – Morton studio in Kiev, keeping an eye on the whole process.

Jinjer - King of Everything

The styles you’re playing on the new album, and in general, are varied, but it all comes together to make a style that sounds right to my ears. How would you say these different styles fell in line together?

Well, it is a combinations of all our musical tastes, influences and inspiration. Each member puts his own into the music. How it all fell together so harmonically… it’s a matter of the vibe inside the band, some sort of magic, and definitely a matter of professionalism we gained over all these years.

Is King of Everything a concept album in any sense?

Yes, there is a certain concept going through all the songs. In short words I am singing about kings – dependencies we are tied to in our lives. There is only “I Speak Astronomy” song which is a sort of opposition to the “Kings,” expressing the struggle with them.

In the EPK for King of Everything, you say that lyrics are very important for Jinjer. Are there any songs here with particular significance to you? What are the themes you explore?

Hehe, at least three of them are incredibly private – “Pisces,” “I Speak Astronomy” and “Just Another,” and I don’t want to talk about them directly here. Everyone can read the lyrics on the album and get what I mean. Moreover in “Under the Dome,” “Sit Stay Roll Over” and “Words Of Wisdom” we talk about the things around us in our home country and in the whole world, those which we cannot stay blind to. The themes covered there in some way touched us personally, you know what I mean – the war in the East of Ukraine, Ukrainian radical nazies, religious persecutions etc. all that bullshit which poisons our lives.

For the purpose of releasing King of Everything you inked a deal with Napalm Records. Are you satisfied with how things turned out?

Absolutely! We are proud to be a part of Napalm family and so far we have been totally satisfied with our collaboration.


What’s the live experience with the Jinjer like? You have just announced a European tour for the Fall this year.

Yes, I believe it will not be limited only with the fall, we will be touring all 2017 too. Our priority is to reach areas we haven’t been to yet, like Benelux countries and Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal, but of course we will tour around Eastern Europe too.

While styles have evolved and multiplied, do you think the real essence of metal has changed much over the course of decades?

The essence of music has changed unfortunately… it all turned too commercialized. Too many talentless people on the scene everywhere in all genres, when outlook became more essential than music.

Do you have any advice you might give to other musicians in your shoes?

To the youth we always give the following advice – first practice your instrument and make your band sound well live, then make tattoos, go to the studio and tour. To more experienced fellas, never give up, dudes, who knows maybe your goal is just round the corner!

What’s the metal scene in Ukraine like?

Oh, it’s rather amateur, but we have a couple of super-cool bands who can kick even big stars’ asses. One you have time check out Megamass, Zlam, Space of Variations and JonCofy.

Do you have any favourite albums released in 2016?

Of course, how about Gojira‘s Magma?! An awesome release. Periphery did a great job too. And I am waiting for Opeth‘s new masterpiece too!

What lies in the future for the Jinjer?

The future is big and bright!

Anything vital I may have missed?

Keep supporting real music regardless of any genres, and hopefully see you once at our show :)

King of Everything by Jinjer is available now through Napalm Records’ online store. Follow the band on Facebook for future updates.

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