TANGERINE DREAM Announce New Double Album “Particles”

TANGERINE DREAM Announce New Double Album "Particles"

Invisible Hands Music are proud to release Particles on June 26, 2017, a double album from electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream. Disc one is new recordings, including a side-long exploration that harks back to the band’s seventies heyday; and a cover of the theme from the Netflix hit show Stranger Things, itself heavily influenced by Tangerine Dream. Disc two is a live recording that includes new material such as Mothers Of Rain and Power Of The Rainbow Serpent; and some career higlights such as Dolphin Dance from 1986 classic Underwater Sunlight, and the title track from 1980 album White Eagle.

Tangerine Dream formed in 1967 in West Berlin and their 1970s albums changed the axis the world turns on, and all of today’s electronic music including EDM owes them a huge debt. They enjoyed half a dozen top ten albums in the UK and US in the ’70s, a chart performance unequalled by any other German band. In the 1980s they provided iconic film music for Firestarter, Risky Business, Near Dark, Michael Mann’s Thief, and William Friedkin’s Sorcerer, among others. Today the band are enjoying a huge resurgence of interest due to their influence on the music of the hit TV show Stranger Things.

The 2017 line up of the band is Thorsten Quaeschning on keyboards and guitar, Ulrich Schnauss on keyboards, and Hoshiko Yamane on violin and cello; their new material represents the best of the vision for electronic music inherited from their visionary leader. Its four electronic meditations are beautiful, solemn, joyful and awe-inspiring. This album sees the band find their feet and write a new chapter since the death of founder Edgar Froese, with much more to come.


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