Symphonic Theater of Dreams Celebrates First Anniversary

Symphonic Theater of Dreams

Michał Mierzejewski is a Polish music composer, arranger and conductor who created an album featuring orchestral versions of Dream Theater‘s music. The album celebrates its first anniversary and here is what Mierzejewski said about it:

Symphonic Theater of Dreams is celebrating worldwide premiere of debut CD. One year ago (12th March 2013) we released our first album worldwide. 8th March was the release date in Poland.

With this brief, special video we would like to thank for all fans and supporters for your amazing support. As creator of this project I would like to thank the musicians,
conductors, sound engineers, video technicians, crew, and everyone else who made this huge project possible. Thank you for the last years!

Especially I would like to dedicate this video for Wioletta Jedynak, our manager. Without her, this project could never be developed and released on CD.

Dear Fans, stay tuned for upcoming updates about the second CD, upcoming DVD documentary, concerts, collaborations with bands and many more. Every progress needs some time,even more during such a big project.

Dear Dream Theater, this project is dedicated for you. Thank you for your music, influence, support and help.

Michał Mierzejewski

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