STEVEN WILSON’s New Album “To the Bone” Out on August 18

STEVEN WILSON's New Album "To the Bone" Out on August 18

Fusing driving futurist rock and spectral electronics to elegiac hyper-space ambience and dizzying, squalling guitars, To The Bone is Steven Wilson’s hat-tip to the hugely ambitious progressive pop records of his youth (think Peter Gabriel’s So, Talk Talk’s Colour of Spring, Tears for Fears Seeds of Love).

Lyrically, the album’s eleven tracks veer from the paranoid chaos of the post-truth era and the creeping self-loathing of the technology age to steely fly-on-the-wall observations of the everyday lives of religious fundamentalists with a welcome shot or two of wide-eyed escapism. Sonically and melodically stunning, To The Bone is a high definition snapshot of the disconcerting times we live in.

It’s been over two and a half years years since the release of Steven Wilson‘s last album Hand. Cannot. Erase., a major conceptual project involving the creation of a whole back story for the main character through the blog and the most elaborate deluxe edition to date. The album sold very well, reaching the top 5 in Germany, The Netherlands and Finland, number 13 in the UK and number 38 in the US Billboard top 200. The subsequent tour consisted of 150 shows, including 2 special sold out shows at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

All of Steven‘s 4 albums have been very different in character from each other, and once again this latest album will be a step into something quite different, as well as on a new label.

To the Bone Track Listing:

1. To The Bone
2. Nowhere Now
3. Pariah
4. The Same Asylum As Before
5. Refuge
6. Permanating
7. Blank Tapes
8. People Who Eat Darkness
9. Song Of I
10. Detonation
11. Song Of Unborn

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