STEVE ROTHERY: Special Edition Of Solo Album Includes Bonus DVD

Steve Rothery

Marillion guitarist Steve Rothery has unveiled a special edition of his debut solo album The Ghosts Of Pripyat, which will include a bonus DVD.

He’s added the option to his Kickstarter campaign after admitting his amazement as the fundraising programme has brought in nearly triple the amount he’d been looking for to fund the project.

And as another special offer, he’s extended his live album cut-price deal – Live In Plovdiv is available until January 31 for just 50p via his website. (Click the “Buy Now” link. When the purchase panel appears type “merryxmas” without quotes in the discount box, and the price above will be adjusted to allow you to enter £0.50 or more.)

Rothery says: “I’ve been totally amazed at the response to the campaign. It’s now into the last two weeks and I’ve just announced a special edition with a bonus DVD. Anyone who orders the special edition on Kickstarter will get their name in the booklet.

“For anyone wanting to order the special edition and pay via PayPal –it’s not supported by Kickstarter – please email [email protected] for instructions. If you order within the next 14 days you’ll still be eligible to have your name in the special edition booklet.”

Those who have already commited the campaign can change their order to include the DVD by logging in and managing their Kickstarter pledge – instructions appear on Rothery’s page.

The guitarist will perform the final arrangements of his album tracks for the first time during a short run of shows in Italy next month. Meanwhile, Marillion are preparing to rehearse for their Cruise To The Edgefestival trip in April, while bassist Pete Trewavas is gearing to tour Europe with Transatlantic.

(source Prog Magazine)

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