STEVE ROTHERY Of MARILLION Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Solo Album

Steve Rothery

Marillion guitarist Steve Rothery has launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the release of his first-ever solo album.

The record will be called The Ghosts Of Pripyat and it’s set to appear in September 2014. He’s seeking £15,000 to cover costs, and he’s already received pledges of more than £4000.

His decision to turn a 30-year ambition into reality comes after he performed a show with his own band at the Plovdiv Guitar Festival last month. Audio and video recordings are on sale now.

Rothery explains on his campaign page: “I had an offer to record a solo album from EMI during the recording of Misplaced Childhood in 1985. However, it led to a strong disagreement within the band, and the idea was shelved.

“While recording Brave at Miles Copeland’s chateau in France I was offered a deal to make an instrumental album for his label. I decided to record the first Wishing Tree album instead.

“Fast-forward another 20 years and I’m invited to play at the Plovdiv festival. It left me with the problem of what to play for an hour – Blues In A just wasn’t going to cut it.

“I got together for a couple of writing sessions with guitarist Dave Foster. We have a great musical chemistry which brought forth a lot of amazing music. After a couple of days’ rehearsal with the fantastic rhythm section of Leon Parr and Yatim Halimi, I realised this was going to be something really special.”

Steve Hackett is among the guests scheduled to appear on the record and artwork will be designed by Lasse Hoile. The album’s release will be backed with live shows across Europe in October next year, and a launch show has already been booked in Pendley Court Theatre, Tring, Hertfordshire, on September 20.

Pledge points start at just £5 for a digital download of The Ghosts Of Pripyat and go all the way up to £3000 for a four-minute instrumental track recorded exclusively for the buyer.

(source Prog Magazine)

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