STEVE HACKETT On A Genesis Reunion Possibilities

A Genesis reunion is unlikely because of the competitive nature of the band members, says guitarist Steve Hackett.

He last played with the band 30 years ago this month, and says the reason that lineup hasn’t regrouped since then is that one member used the power of veto to knock a suggested project on the head – leading original frontman Peter Gabriel to lose interest in any future work with them.

Hackett, who’s completed his second volume of Genesis Revisited songs, tells Rolling Stone: “When I heard about the reunion concert with Peter Gabriel I got on a plan immediately and joined them just in time for the two encores.

There was a lot of talent on that stage and it was very emotional. In their wisdom they didn’t film it – these are the kind of corporate decisions that hold a band back. Sometimes a band tried to agree to something and you end up just cancelling. One says black while the other says blue.

That’s why there’s been no reformation of Genesis from that period since that night.

In 2004 the band held discussions about staging a life performance of classic album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. But Hackett says: “We also discussed the possibility of doing it as a musical. The idea was rejected – I’m not going to name names, but on person employed the power of veto.

I think Pete lost interest right there and then. The idea of coming together and doing that was killed stone dead at that point.

Hackett last met former bandmates Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks at Prog Magazine’s Progressive Music Awards in September – but revels they didn’t talk about Genesis Revisited II.

The conversations we have are the following: I get to compliment Tony on what he’s doing, and Mike on what he’s doing. That’s the way it goes, and the rest of it is in ellipsis. There’s a certain amount of stiff upper lip, British style, and a tremendous amount of competition.

I’m much looser than that – if I like something that someone’s done, I’ll tell them.

The guitarist describes his relationship with Phil Collins as “warm” but he’s unsure whether the extent of the drummer and singer’s health issues is really what’s preventing his involvement in a reunion.

When we see each other, we talk,” says Hackett. “But there’s always the great unspoken, the elephant in the room. It’s weird. It’s competitive. It’s Genesis.


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