Soundgarden And Pearl Jam In Double-head Tour Rumour

An Australian radio station has prompted speculation that Soundgarden and Pearl Jam are planning a joint tour in 2013 – leading to double duties for Matt Cameron, who plays drums in both bands.

Chris Cornell’s outfit have finally confirmed the tracklist for comeback album King Animal, and lead single Been Away Too Long will be hitting airwaves soon.

But the band announced their reunion in 2010, meaning their first recorded work since 1996′s Down on the Upside will have been under production for over two years.

Now Radar Music believe they’ve made sense of the jigsaw – they suggest the only way for Cameron to be available for both tours is if they took place simultaneously. And the only thing standing in the way of Pearl Jam hitting the road was they didn’t have an album to follow 2009′s Backspacer.

The station says: “Matt has confirmed on multiple occasions that he’s not leaving Pearl Jam, and that he’s committed to Soundgarden. If he is staying on with both, it could mean only one thing: a Soundgarden and Pearl Jam world tour.

“However we were still missing a key ingredient – a new Pearl Jam album. The tour could only take place if that was on the cares. Cue guitarist Jeff Ament confirming this month that they’re half-way through, and on track for an early 2013 release.

“Then it all made sense. Soundgarden weren’t just fine-tuning King Animal. They were waiting on their brother band to finish things up.”

Music Radar predicts: “Soundgarden release their album, fans go ballistic, rock’n’roll reigns again. A few months later Pearl Jam’s new album comes out, and while at the height the tour will be announced for mid-2013. When tickets go on sale it’ll be mayhem.”

Cornell and co have released a teaser movie for their sixth album. Loudwire reports that Been Away Too Long was accidentally played by a Canadian radio station then removed from their playlist after bosses realised it wasn’t cleared for broadcast.

King Animal track list

01. Been Away Too Long
02. Non-State Actor
03. By Crooked Steps
04. A Thousand Days Before
05. Blood On The Valley Floor
06. Bones of Birds
07. Taree
08. Attrition
09. Black Saturday
10. Halfway There
11. Worse Dreams
12. Eyelid’s Mouth
13. Rowing


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