Sony Music Entertainment and Legacy Recordings Sign Guitarist STEVE VAI to New Multi-Album Deal

Steve Vai - Stillness in Motion

Sony Music Entertainment and Legacy Recordings have signed virtuoso guitarist/composer/producer Steve Vai to a new multi-album agreement which includes plans to issue two fresh Vai sets in 2015 beginning with the release of Stillness In Motion – Vai Live in L.A. on Monday 6 April 2015.

Vai’s first release under the new SONY/Legacy agreement will be Stillness In Motion – Vai Live in L.A., a spectacular performance recorded 12 October 2012 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. Available in 2CD and 2DVD configurations, Stillness In Motion revisits the 49th concert from Vai’s monumental Story of Light World Tour.

Running from 2012 through 2014, The Story of Light World Tour totaled out at 253 engagements (including shows, master classes and concerts with various orchestras) in 52 countries.

In addition to the full Club Nokia performance, the 2DVD configuration of Stillness In Motion includes a bonus disc premiering “The Space Between the Notes (Tour Mischief),” a revelatory video diary comprised of more than three and a half hours of footage, lensed around the world on-stage, off-stage and behind-the-scenes during Vai’s epic Story of Light World Tour.

“To say that this tour was a powerful life experience would be like saying the sun is hot,” writes Steve Vai in his personal liner notes penned for Stillness In Motion.

Following Stillness In Motion, SONY/Legacy will release an album of new Steve Vai material, marking a significant next chapter in the musician’s growing canon.

The new multi-album deal marks an SME homecoming for Vai, who set the gold and platinum standard for rock instrumental music across a series of albums released through Relativity and Epic Records from 1990′s game-changing Passion and Warfare (his 2nd album and 1st major label release) through 2007′s orchestral Sound Theories, Vol. I & II.

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Stillness In Motion – Vai Live in L.A.

Recorded Live at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on October 12, 2012

Produced by Steve Vai

2CD Edition

Disc 1

1. Intro/Racing the World

2. Velorum

3. Band Intros

4. Building the Church

5. Tender Surrender

6. Gravity Storm

7. Weeping China Doll

8. John the Revelator

9. The Moon and I

10. The Animal

11. Whispering a Prayer


Disc 2

1. The Audience Is Listening

2. Rescue Me or Bury Me

3. Sisters

4. Treasure Island

5. Salamanders In the Sun

6. Pusa Road

7. Frank

8. The Ultra Zone (CD Version)

9. Build Me a Song L.A.

10. For The Love of God

11. Taurus Bulba



2DVD Edition


Disc 1

1. Intro/Racing the World

2. Velorum

3. Band Intros

4. Building the Church

5. Tender Surrender

6. Gravity Storm

7. The Trillium’s Launch

8. Weeping China Doll

9. John the Revelator

10. The Moon and I

11. The Animal

12. Whispering a Prayer

13. The Audience Is Listening

14. Where Are We

15. Rescue Me or Bury Me

16. Sisters

17. Treasure Island

18. Beastly Rap

19. Salamanders In the Sun

20. Pusa Road

21. Earthquake Sky, Drum Solo

22. I’m Tired

23. The Ultra Zone

24. Frank


Disc 2

1. Build Me a Song L.A.

2. For the Love of God

3. Taurus Bulba Story of Light Tour: The Space Between the Notes (Tour Mischief)

4. Leg 1 (Rehearsals/USA)

5. Leg 2 (Europe/Eastern Europe)

6. Leg 3 (Vegas/Netherlands/Russia/Ukraine/Europe)

7. Leg 4 (Australia/NZ/Indonesia/China/S. Korea/Japan/Taiwan/Thailand)

8. Leg 5 (Europe…again)

9. Leg 6 (USA…again)

10. Leg 7 (Mexico/South America/China)

11. Leg 8 (Vegas/Singapore/Malaysia/Israel/Europe/Russia/Ukraine)

12. Leg 9 (USA/St. Barths/Japan/France/Poland)

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