SEVENTH STATION Premiere New Song “Abnormal Circles Doubtful Hour” Off of Upcoming Album

Seventh Station - Between Life and Dreams

Seventh Station, a new international progressive metal band, released their first single “Abnormal Circles Doubtful Hour.” It is the first release from their debut album Between Life and Dreams, scheduled to be released on 7th of September 2016.

Seventh Station was founded by Dmitri Alperovich and Alexey Polyansky in 2008 in Jerusalem, Israel. The band includes names such as: the turkish keyboardist Eren Basbug (arranger and conductor of Dream Theater and Jordan Rudess) and the lead vocalist Davidavi Dolev (Omb, Reign of the Architect). The band combines classical education with modern influences using high level of musicality and virtuosity. Today, the band is based in Slovenia and it’s members are from Slovenia, Israel and USA.

“Abnormal Circles Doubtful Hour” is a 9 minute song which represents the fear of the unknown and the submission to the fact that it would remain unknown forever. The song includes lots of secret messages which lead you to understand the theme of the song. Hint: Listen carefully to the numbers in the end of the song. The band is using a big range of colors in order to paint a wide range of emotions in it. You can find yourself in different atmospheres within seconds and that what makes you drift off through the entire song.

Between Life and Dreams is a 65 minutes album that was produced by Alperovich and was recorded in different studios in Israel and USA. The album was engineered by Yonatan Kossov (Orphaned Land, Hummercult, Betzefer, etc.) and was mastered by Michael Fossenkemper in New York.

The album will be available for pre-order on the band’s website starting from 19th of August until 7th of September at a special price.


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