RON JARZOMBEK: Multitracking App

‘Beyond Life And Cosmic Kinetics’ (BLACK) is the first song released by Ron Jarzombek (BLOTTED SCIENCE, SPASTIC INK, WATCHTOWER) as an interactive 6 track multitracking app.

The app features a volume control for each track, and on each track is a push button switch that alternates between two parts/instruments that are playing simultaneously. The user has the ability to mix and match all recorded parts. This isn’t just a matter of listening to a released song, it’s direct interaction!.”

States Jarzombek: “I’ve been wanting to get into the app world ever since I picked up my first iPhone 3Gs in ’09, but I didn’t know how I could fit into this world. Well, I finally figured out that I could use the iPhone/iPad as an outlet to release songs! After this wacky light bulb moment, I tried for the first few months to do the programming on my own, but soon realized that I needed to find an experienced skilled programmer who could take my vision and make it a reality. I found a rocket scientist iOS programmer online by the name of Oleg Kolokolov, and after many tweaks, twists and turns we came up with a very cool interactive multitracking app.

Here’s a 7 minute in-depth tutorial…

Ron Jarzombek – Beyond Life And Cosmic Kinetics’ is available now at the App Store. Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5,  and iPad.  Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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