Romanian Band MERE Premiere Video for “Niciodată”

Romanian Band MERE Premiere Video for "Niciodată"

The band MERE (Timișoara, Romania) has recently released the video for their song Niciodată (translated as “Never”) after a great Saturday night concert held at Casa Tineretului Timișoara, with the bands Marion Krautner and The Different Class (both from Timișoara, Romania) , respectively with the group N.O.R (Oradea, Romania)

This is their second music video, after the notable success they had last summer with the song Marte (“Mars”). Niciodată is also the first track of MERE on which the main vocalist is Jack Popescu. The members of the band are: Jack Popescu (vocals, guitar), Bruno Mark Huțiu (vocals, guitar), Marcel Iovanov (bass) and Sergiu Nădăban (drums). MERE is performing with this line-up by exactly one year.

The video director is Mihai Sălăjean, winner of the Best Short Film Award for his short film “Libelula” (“The Dragonfly”) at the altcineAction! festival. The song was recorded in DSPro Timișoara studio by Attila Lukinich, one of the best producers in Romania, among the artists he collaborated with, being included Teo Milea, Alexandrina Hristov, Persona and Implant Pentru Refuz.

We are excited and motivated by our achievements during 2015 and by the positive feedback we received from the public regarding our release concert. This video is the first one out of a series that we plan to release this year. We could also say something about an EP but it’s top secret,” says Bruno, the founder of the band.

We think there is a turning point in the band’s history, which came right now, with the song ”Niciodată”. We worked hard on this song; it suffered several changes before we reached this form, and I think it is a true reflection of both the band as whole and mine, as an artist – what I mean by that, is that we can be proud of this song anywhere, anytime. The video was pretty much a collaborative effort between us and Mimi, our director who managed to surprise us with his professionalism, so his first draft remained the last. It was almost surrealist, to see my ideas so faithfully transposed by Mimi, that when he showed us the video for the first time, I said – well, that’s all,” explains Jack, the singer of the song Niciodată.

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