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Roger Waters has vowed he’ll make another album after starting to write during lunch breaks on his The Wall world tour.

The former Pink Floyd man has been toying with the idea of retirement ever since he announced the ambitious global trek, which included an emotional onstage reunion with former bandmates David Gilmour and Nick Mason.

Waters plans to call the album Heartland and the work will explore concepts of religious extremism.

He tells Rolling Stone: “The Heartland idea came from a song I wrote 15 years ago, or longer even, which was a song I wrote for a movie. A really, really bad movie called Michael that was about an angel.

He’s been working on a track which he hasn’t titled yet. “I’m not sure what it would be called but I’ll tell you what the first line is: ‘If I had been God…’

Waters continues: “I’m absolutely determined to make another album. I think this new song may give me the chance to do that.

It provides a cornerstone and a core idea for me to write about. I’m sort of obsessed with the idea that religious extremism is a maligned factor in most of our lives.

He’s said Gilmour and Mason won’t appear on the album, with whom he last worked on 1983 anti-war record The Final Cut.

He believes many of its messages are still valid, explaining: “We’re determined to continue to fight against the onslaught, if you like, of a society driven mad by the headlong rush to maximise the bottom line.

Water’s The Wall tour was the biggest-grossing travelling show of 2012, taking $131.4million in the six months up to the end of May. When he launched the project in 2010 he said it would be his last, but later explained: “I haven’t made up my mind – I’ve become very enamoured of the outdoor show. It’s such fun to do that I think I’ve got some more in me.


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