Robustfest 2012

In the festival calendar for 2012 appears another name, putting accent on the heavier side of rock music. Robustfest 2012 is a festival being held in Kiev, Ukraine on September 8th. However, here’s the full post we received from the PR wire.

We were busy enough by preparing the pleasent ground for the next Robustfest volume.

First of all I’d like to say that we changed the place and date due to the objective circumstances. So now we’ll have more time and possibilities to make this event even more memorable for you. We try to get the most interesting and actual bands that are playing around nowadays. Most of them will play for the first time in Kiev, Ukraine and Eastern Europe as well.

The one and only source with original Information will be this blog:

It means that you will be first to know from the first hands all actual news about Robustfest Vol.II such as lineup, schedule, any poossible changes (we hope to have it as minimum quantity as we can), and all futher information.

Robustfest’s official artist for this year - xNinjax from
He’s gifted and talanted robustfellow. We glad that he’ve joined the Robusteam!

In this year’s volume you will contemplate new hero for Robustfest. Let’s call him Elephellow or Robustfant… or create your own smart name for this smart guy, heh. The funniest name creator can get some cool merch with the Robustfest’s symbolism.


Date: 8th of September
Place: Bingo Club, pr-t Pobedy 112, Kiev, Ukraine
Price & tickets: little bit later fellas, later. No pre-sales. You’ll get ticket at door. Don’t worry the capacity of the club is big enough to accomodate more than a thousand of cool people at same time.


MOZERGUSH (Donetsk/Kiev, UA)

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