Robert Plant & Sensational Space Shifters

According to The Pulse Of RadioRobert Plant is deep into sessions for his first studio set with his current band the SENSATIONAL SPACE SHIFTERS. Back in 2012, Plant rush released a surprise live album from the band — only two weeks after recording the set in London. In addition to Patty Griffin, the SPACE SHIFTERS features members of Plant‘s pre-BAND OF JOY group, STRANGE SENSATIONS, including frequent Plant collaborator Justin Adams.

Plant revealed that work is underway on the SENSATIONAL SPACE SHIFTERS‘ studio debut, telling Uncut, “We’ve been in the studio… We’ve got nine tracks already… We’ve been going into the studio with little filigrees of ideas that have popped up while we’ve been touring. [LED ZEPPELIN's] ‘Led Zeppelin II’ was created entirely on the road, and I think that’s kind of been going on here, too.”

He went on to say, “Do I have a prospective title for the album? I’ve got a hundred titles. I’ll just pull one out from my book. It says here ‘Ramshackle’. But it also says ‘Slant’, which I quite like. ‘Help Is On The Way’. That’s a good title! I’ve got a book, but it’s out in my writing room. It’s just a bit of a barn where I can go when the grandchildren attack. I’ve got loads and loads of lyric books, and I’m going to have them burned when I die so nobody knows who I was talking about.”

Plant and the band have been recording at the home base of another artist who’s open to musical change almost as much as Plant is. “We use Peter Gabriel‘s studio sometimes, and between Peter and myself, we more or less keep a certain crew in business all year round,” he said.

Robert Plant told The Pulse Of Radio that the success he found in 2007 with the “Raising Sand” album both liberated and centered him creatively. “Following the work with Alison Krauss, which was a spectacular revival of my spirit in a way, I felt I could do more or less anything, I could sink and swim,” he said. “There was no real big partnership moment. I don’t have to ask anybody anything. I just stood there a little bit like I did when I was about 17.”

There’s been no hard release date set for Plant‘s SENSATION SPACE SHIFTERS album beyond “spring 2014.”

(source Blabbermouth)

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