Roadburn 2013: The Things You Should Know


With Roadburn 2013 being just two weeks away, the people in the organization of the festival posted really useful info for everyone who has in plan to visit this year’s event. The post below is taken from the Roadburn official website.

Roadburn Festival 2013 is only two weeks away! To help you get ready and make your stay as low stress as possible, here is some useful information:

Exchange Tickets for Wristbands
You will need to exchange your ticket for a 3 or 4 day wristband at the 013 venue. The designated wristband pick-up area is located at the entrance to the 013 venue. It opens at 11:00am on Thursday, April 18th.

This year, doors will open at 1:30pm instead of 2:30pm (which is what is printed on your ticket). The extra hour gives us more flexibility in terms of scheduling and bands more room to play longer sets.

013 venue Afterparties
The Roadburn Festival afterparties are a cherished tradition, with a tendency to incite sing-a-longs and provoke mass-scale air guitar debauchery.

This year, the Foyer bar at the 013 venue will be the exclusive domain of the afterparty festivities on Thursday (DJ Team Tres Hombres)Friday (Olly Moss’ Psychotropic Music Cabinet Sexadelic Dance Partyand Saturday (Primordial’sNemtheanga Skum).

The degenerate disco starts at 1am and ends at 3am each night. You can go out on a high note that would make King Diamond proud, or drift off in a haze of obscure heavy psych. The unofficial afterparty theme for 2013: join the fun and get lost in the six-six-sixties!

Camera’s at Roadburn
You are welcome to bring a personal (small digital or compact) camera to the festival or use your phone to capture your favorite Roadburn moments. The use of professional camera equipment (basically anything with a lens of 35mm or over) is strictly prohibited unless you have a Roadburn photo pass. The use of professional video or sound recording equipment is likewise prohibited. We appreciate your cooperation.

The Roadburn camp site at de Beekse Bergen is open from 11:00am on ThursdayApril 18th2013 until noon (12pm) onMondayApril 222013. There are toilets, hot showers and running water on site. Remember: generators, portable sound systems and open fires are strictly prohibited on the Roadburn camp site! Small transistor radios and photo / film equipment are permitted.

Festival shuttle buses will provide service to Tilburg Central Station, Tivoli parking garage (located about 100 meters from the 013 venue) and the Roadburn camp site, including the Jungalow Park. Please note that if you are staying in one of the Beekse Bergen “Jungalow” or “Chalet” cottages, shuttle bus service is not included in the price of your accommodation. Asingle ticket costs 2.5 euro and can be purchased on the bus. It’s also possible to get a 3-day ticket for 12.5 euro or a 4-day ticket for 17.5 euro and save some money.

John Baizley Exhibition at Gust Van Dijk Contemporary Art Gallery
“The Virgin Spring: The Process and Work of John Dyer Baizley”
 is dedicated to John Baizley‘s process as an artist and features images and printed work from the past and present. “This will be the first time many of these images have been seen outside their commercial context — without logos, text or barcodes — as I’ve always believed they were meant to be seen,” Baizley said. The SEA Foundation (Gust Van Dijk Contemporary Art) gallery is located around the corner and up the street from the 013 venue at 22 Tivolistraat. It only takes a few minutes to walk there. The exhibition will be held from April 18th ’til June 1st (opening Thursday April 18th from 4-5pm).

Cul de Sac
Enlisting the Cul de Sac, the music café located across from the 013 venue gives us a fifth stage to host everything from solo performances by truth-seeking artists to sheer rock overdrive. On FridayApril 19thRadar Men From The MoonNate Halland Syndrome will be playing the Cul de Sac, followed by GoldDuncan Evans and Pet The Preacher on SaturdayApril 20th.

Het Patronaat
Located only about 30 meters from the entrance to the 013 venueHet Patronaat can hold up to 900 people at any given time. The main floor can accommodate about 300 people. It features a large bar and restaurant where you can relax and refuel with good food and drinks. The second floor is where the bands will be playing, and it holds about 600 people. The bands scheduled to play Het Patronaat undoubtedly will be in demand, so if you show up and the second floor is at full capacity, you will have to wait until someone leaves.

Master Classes and Performance Clinics at Roadburn 2013
This year, Roadburn Festival is pleased to present master classes and performance clinics for the first time. It seems like a great opportunity to give those of you attending the festival, many of whom are in bands or enjoy playing music on your own, and some of the folks on the bill an opportunity to meet and learn from each other.

The master classes and performance clinics will be held at Hall of FameNS-Plein 5, which is an easy 10-minute walk from the 013 venue.

On Friday, April 19th, the master class and clinic will be led by doom metal legends Victor Griffin and Jeff “Olly” Olson. Both will answer questions and discuss various techniques, music theory and more between 4:30pm and 6:30pm.

On SaturdayApril 20th from 1:30pm – 2:30pmNanotear Booking‘s Nathan Carson will discuss what it takes to put together a US tour and how to avoid the many pitfalls that can jeopardize the undertaking, financial and otherwise.

From 3pm to 4pmDream Death drummer Mike Smail will round out the master classes and performance clinics with a presentation on getting the most out of your gear with what you have. In his talk, Mike will cover everything from tuning to drum heads, shells, bearing edges, and cymbals. He will discuss the cost of equipment, too.

Roadburn Festival Hardrock Hideout
We will kick off Roadburn Festival 2013 with our traditional Hardrock Hideout at Cul de Sac on WednesdayApril 17th. Doors open at 8pm and admission is FREE! Germany’s Attic will get the party started, serving up raw classic heavy metal that follows the diabolical path forged by Merciful Fate and King Diamond. Combining blistering tandem guitars, thrashing drums, pounding bass and Peggy Meeussen‘s commanding razor-edged vocals, Belgium’s Bliksem‘s powerful thrash metal garnished with heavy prog elements not only explore themes including revenge, oppression and madness but also celebrate the timeless glory of metal.

Roadburn Festival Introduces
The idea is to present promising Dutch bands that have their own vibe while at the same time possess that certainRoadburn flair, whether it’s a psychedelic slant, roots in the heavy 70s or an insatiable need to worship the occult. This year, we will offer GOLD the opportunity to connect with the international Roadburn community during an intimate show at the Cul de Sac on Saturday April 20th in TilburgHolland. Doors open 1:00pm and the show starts at 1:45pm.

Running order
Click HERE for the PDF-version of the running order. Please do not contact us with any requests to change the schedule in order to accommodate personal preferences. The running order was chosen with the utmost care and production logistics play a major role, too.

Seminars at Roadburn 2013
Iron Fist Magazine
 editor Louise Brown presents two seminars at Roadburn Festival 2013 in the V39 basement, with panels including journalists, musicians and artists.

Friday, April 19th2pmWhere Have All The Great Albums Gone?

SaturdayApril 20th2pmRecord Collector’s Anonymous

You are invited to come stoke the fires of debate.

Smoking is permitted only in the designated smoking areas.

Trains and Cabs
To find out when the last trains to Eindhoven, Breda and ‘s-Hertogenbosch leave
 Tilburg, please check the times below. Please note: The night train schedule has changed quite a bit since last year. For the most up to date info, please check the Dutch Rail (NS) website:

Thursday night: 
Eindhoven: 0:28am

Breda: 0:37am
’s-Hertogenbosch: 0:44am

Friday night:
Eindhoven: 0:28am | 0:55am | 1:55am | 2:55am
Breda: 0:37am | 1:02am | 2:00am
’s-Hertogenbosch: 0:14am | 0:44am | 0:55am (via Eindhoven)

Saturday night:
Eindhoven: 0:28am | 0:55am | 1:56am | 2:57am

Breda: 0:37am | 1:02am | 1:55am
’s-Hertogenbosch: 0:14am | 0:44am | 0:55am (via Eindhoven)

Sunday night:
Eindhoven: 0:28am

Breda: 0:37am
’s-Hertogenbosch: 0:44am

The good news is that local cab company Taxi Korthout is endorsed by Roadburn and will provide minivan service toEindhovenBreda or ’s-Hertogenbosch on Thursday with scheduled departures at 1:15am and 2:15am (times approximate) – the same goes for ’s-Hertogenbosch on Friday and Saturday. The Roadburn-friendly fare to each of these cities is 100 euro per minivan, which can be shared by a maximum of 8 people. You’ll find the minivans (in addition to regular cabs) near the entrance of the 013 venue. The minivan service is available to the EindhovenBreda or ’s-Hertogenbosch central train stations only. For cab service in and around Tilburg, please contact Taxi Korthout+31 (0)13 533 11 99. Look for theRoadburn logo on the vehicles!

Located directly across from the entrance to the 013 venue, the V39 is a multi-purpose building. On the main floor, you will find merchandise for all of the bands playing in the 013 venue. Several record labels have stands set up, too. Roadburn’sV39 is open from ThursdayApril 18th to SaturdayApril 20th from 1.30pm until 1:00am. Merchandise for the bands performing at Het Patronaat will be available inside the venue. The Roadburn Cinema is in the basement.

This year, be sure to check out David Hall’s A Stone, a Leaf, an Unfound Door: Rwake Live at Maryland Deathfest X, which captures Rwake live at their purest, interspersed with fantastic visuals that manage to kick up the intensity of the performance another notch.

In On The Road Season Three: Black Sabbath and the Birth of Heavy MetalJesse Hughes, one of rock’s most verbose characters, heads to the UK to get the scoop on how Sabbath formed and what they were like on the road; why the Midlands was such a fertile breeding ground for heavy metal; and how the term “heavy metal” came about in the first place.

Following the premiere of Costin Chioreanu‘s Outside The Great Circle on the Main Stage on Thursday, you can experience this surreal masterpiece throughout the weekend at Roadburn Cinema. In Black Mass Rising, witness Shazzula‘s mesmerizing exploration of primeval rituals.

Roadburn Cinema opens at 2pm on ThursdayApril 18th, and at 5pm on FridayApril 19th and SaturdayApril 20th.

Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.

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