PROGSTRAVAGANZA: “Beyond Frontiers” and “The New Generation of Prog” Out Now

Progstravaganza: Beyond Frontiers CD is out now

Prog Sphere is proud to announce to the world of progressive rock that their newest release – Progstravaganza: Beyond Frontiers is now out, and is accompanied with a downloadable sampler including artists performing on the upcoming Generation Prog Festival in Nürnberg and artists off the Generation Prog Records roster.

Beyond Frontiers breaks new ground for Prog Sphere as it is the first in their long series of compilations to be released as a physical CD. Naturally, it is also available for purchase at Prog Sphere’s Progify store by following this link:

Progstravaganza: Beyond FrontiersThe above link to the Progify store contains the full track list, along with more detailed info about the sampler. The full sampler is also available for streaming below. The bands that have been assembled for this album come from all across the world of progressive rock and play a wide variety of styles. For example, Fughu are a group of prog metal masters from Argentina; Cea Serin, from the United States, play a unique brand of progressive death metal; and Overhaul, from The Netherlands, play classic progressive rock. There’s also post-rock, psychedelic prog, and much more. Frank Gingeleit of Living Tunes Mastering did a splendid work with mastering the compilation. As mentioned before, Beyond Frontiers is Prog Sphere’s first physical release for Progstravaganza, and as such, it will be accompanied by high quality album art that fans have come to expect from this genre of music. Chris Van Der Linden of LidenArtwork has done the job quite well, and will continue to work with Prog Sphere into the future.

Prog Sphere is proud to announce an additional compilation that has just been released entitled TheThe New Generation of Prog 2014 New Generation of Prog 2014 (available on Bandcamp). This free compilation is a teaser for the upcoming Generation Prog Festival in Nürnberg, which will feature some of the top names in progressive rock and metal. This year’s festival lineup includes Haken, Exivious, Relocator, Kristoffer Gildenlöw and Beyond the Bridge. Haken have even been gracious enough to contribute an exclusive edit of a song from their upcoming EP Restoration (review here). To give you a full CD’s worth of free music (76 minutes!), the second half of the compilation features songs from the festival-affiliated label Generation Prog Records. Highlights include one track from the brand-new Cea Serin album (see our review here) and an exclusive premiere from the upcoming debut by Jim Alfredson‘s prog rock project THEO, the 13-minute song Idle Worship.

In addition to this second compilation, Prog Sphere has also just concluded work on an upcoming documentary titled Prog Sphere: Beyond Frontiers – Progressive Music in the 21st Century. As hinted by the title, this documentary will include interviews and footage of the bands included on the recent compilation.

Now that the work for Beyond Frontiers and The New Generation of Prog has concluded, Prog Sphere has opened submissions for the second physical Progstravaganza release. This upcoming release will be out in early December and is currently open for new band submissions. All interested bands should also know that in addition to being included on the compilation, they will also receive a six month PR campaign through Prog Sphere Promotions, as well as inclusion in the next Prog Sphere documentary. Bands can get in touch at

Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.

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