Prog Sphere Presents: Progressive Soldiers Festival 2015

Progressive Soldiers festival

Prog Sphere joins the newly announced Progressive Soldiers festival, as one of the media sponsors of the Bucharest, Romania event. Organised by the Jurnal Rock webzine, the event includes Romanian progressive rock/metal bands, and is scheduled for May 15 at the Question Mark club.

Jurnal Rock and would like to invite you to their first event meant to bring together fans and musicians that have dedicated their musical career to progressive. The thematic event will be 100% progressive, 100% Romanian. Our soldiers that will march their way through progressive’s atypical rhythm and harmonies are Red MagneticAxial Lead and Subliminal Damage (+Tool Tribute).

Starting with the before party playlist and the one for the after party that would follow up after a healthy and cathartic jam session during which our soldiers will play a tribute to the genre, and right to the setlist that the bands are carefully planning for the occasion, the evening will be entirely dedicated to the mastery of progressive.

Red Magnetic started their journey in 2006 always persevering and dreaming for more. Across the years the band has released several materials, the most recent one being “The Second Shadow”, where Reds defies the laws of music and marches rhythmically through the passing years with an unstoppable desire for better. Combining prog rock delicately transposed live through meditative acoustics and instrumentals lacking stylistic borders and deeply rooted in Petrucci’s musical characteristics with female vocals that softly blurs the lines between the acoustic and electric sections, Reds guarantee an unique experience.

Axial Lead, an impressive and unpredictable band, creates from scratch a whole new fictional world and characters that are fighting their way through metaphorical monsters that can as easily be rooted in reality. Axial Lead promises on their record, “of infamous credentials”, a memorable journey through their universe of thought, which is wired atypically so that the listener can be captured, without any chance of finding a way out, by an exceptional avant-garde progressive: warm vocals, easily fitting the dynamic riffs that incorporate thousands of influences and the soft evolution into a catchy rhythm. Axial Lead was featured on a Progstravaganza compilation as well.

Subliminal Damage started their way in 2012, reuniting fans of the genre with a rich and diverse musical background. By listening their musical pieces, the listener will live a lifetime experience of an enigmatic and experimental journey while enjoying complex progressive breakdowns and specific techniques and a fusion of out of the ordinary musical ideas reproduced amidst pungent high gain and extensive solos that are taking the listener out for a walk through Mastodon, Tool or Meshuggah like polyrhythms. On the 15th of May they will be accompanied by Vlad (Pinholes) to reenact a true tribute to Tool.

Where: Question Mark (Calea Victoriei 48-50, Bucharest, Romania)

Facebook event:

Join the progressive soldiers! Stay tuned as we have planned many contests, interviews, polls, teasers and tons of other surprises.

Artwork done by Radu Damian.

Progressive Soldiers

Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.

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