PORCUPINE TREE to Come Back in 2016?

Porcupine Tree to come back in 2016?

Although Steven Wilson announced earlier today that that his fourth studio album will be called Hands. Cannot. Erase. and European tour, there have been recently rumours about Porcupine Tree reunion in 2016.

Namely, according to Portale Squizofrenia, Wilson intends to come back with Porcupine Tree as soon as he finishes the live promotion of his upcoming solo album.

The source article is in Spanish, but translated to English it reads:

We have to explain how we obtained this news and clarify all the details in order to give credibility to this worldwide scoop. First of all, we don’t want to pat ourselves on the back: we’ve had the fortune and privilege, not the skill or brilliance, to access this news thanks to a reader who blew the whistle. Eduardo (we won’t purvey any more data due to privacy reasons), from Frankfurt, provided the clue which led to this news, and recently we were able to confirm the claim regarding the reunion by cross-checking it with a source close to Porcupine Tree who is a direct acquaintance of the band.

“‘I spoke to [omitted]… whom revealed that this week Wilson had told this person he wanted to reform Porcupine Tree in a couple of years, by 2016,’ Eduardo told us, although we have concealed the direct source. [This next bit concerns the alleged source close to Wilson, whom the writer of this article claims to have contacted in order to cross-check their reader's story] To us [the source close to the band] nuanced the claims: ‘Perhaps, we’ll see…,’ although confirming Wilson’s intentions, which affected him directly.

“It’s possible we’ll soon reveal his identity. We’re conscious that not citing the source explicitly could detract from the credibility of this announcement, but we logically have to protect this person’s identity for professional reasons. This source, which is of absolute and undisputed credibility, revealed the news both to Eduardo and us, making way for what will surely be received as some of the best news in the field of international progressive rock for some time to come, perhaps comparable to the return of Camel, King Crimson or anything similar. We can only confirm that it’s not a ‘friend of a friend’ or some ‘nephew of a brother in law of a…,’ but someone very close to Wilson in his musical career.”

Furthermore, Wilson’s official street team issued the statement to debunk the story, noting, ”There are some rumors going around that after the next SW record, PT will make a comeback. This is just a reminder to not believe everything that you read unless it’s posted by SW himself. As far as that goes nothing is ever posted on this page unless posted by/confirmed by/announced by SW himself. I have confirmed this rumour to be false. I know it’s not what a lot of people want to hear but it is what it is.”

Wilson’s representatives were not interested in giving any comments on “rumor, innuendo, supposition, wishful thinking, or any other fan-derived speculation.”

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