PLANE GROOVY Releases Three Exclusives for Record Store Day 2014

Planet Groovy

London, UK – Since starting his vinyl-only label Plane Groovy over two years ago, Chris Topham has been working towards supporting the annual Record Store Day event. Now, with almost 30 releases on the label, that time has come. On April 19th there will be three exclusives for RSD from Plane Groovy:

Curved Air “Live Atmosphere” (180g red transparent vinyl LP plus 7” single)

Chris says: “I grew up listening to Curved Air and was delighted to see they had reformed a few years ago, around the time that I was considering starting the label. It’s a thrill for me to be able to put out this sensational live album on heavyweight vinyl but the transfer from digital to analogue was not without its’ challenges. The tracks would not fit onto a single album without reducing the volume levels, which goes against everything I’m striving for in creating the best possible sound on vinyl. Not long enough for a double album, the perfect solution came to me courtesy of the Beach Boys “Holland” album. We’ve removed the live versions of both sides of the “Back Street Luv” smash hit single and these are now included with the album as a 7” single in a picture cover. The album is pressed on red transparent vinyl, limited to just 500 copies worldwide.

DBA – “Dreaming of England” (12” 180g blue transparent vinyl EP)

DBA is the dream team of Geoff Downes (Yes, Asia, Buggles) and Chris Braide (award-winning singer/songwriter/producer). Their first album “Pictures of You” was released on Plane Groovy in 2012 and received such glowing reviews that the decision was made to put it out on CD with extra tracks. This EP – with guest musicians Dave Gregory (XTC) and Lee Pomeroy (It Bites) – brings you up to date with DBA on vinyl. With just 500 copies available worldwide this record is highly collectible. Chris Braide provides background to the individual tracks:

“Dreaming of England – the backing track for this song was originally recorded during the Pictures of You sessions but remained unfinished until December 2012 when the lyric was completed and beautiful guitar over dubs were added by XTC legend Dave Gregory. The song would have fitted in perfectly on the album but it’s fortunate in some ways that it was left off because it’s a lovely stand alone moment and one of the best things Geoff and I ever did I feel.

Birds of Paradise – another backing track that remained unreleased and unfinished at the time of the completion of the album. This song is a feel good number and the solinia string machine playing the off beat is another throwback reference to Geoff’s time as a Buggle! Electro Sci-fi reggae!

Superfortress single mix – in some ways this is the definitive mix of this song. Edited, completely remixed from the original multi track tapes and superior to the album version. It all came together in this remix. The 12 inch version which appeared on the digital version of Superfortress is also notable for its Ronald Regan narration! Finally this mix is available on vinyl for the first time.

Road to Ruin – completely different take on this song, with only the lead vocal included from the album version. It’s more stripped and features a lot of use of the old Fairlight sampler with the haunting sampled vocals. Lots of big lexicon reverb on the vocals in the chorus make it quite epic sounding! Only available on vinyl on this 12 inch EP.

Sky Sailor – the vinyl for Pictures of You had already been cut when the mix of this lovely song was delivered so it just missed out on being included. Once everyone heard the song it was obvious that it should have been on the vinyl LP so for the first time it is included on this EP and given the attention some may feel it missed out on.”


My Darling Clementine “The Lucky Bag” (10” EP)

Both MDC albums, released to universal acclaim, are available on Plane Groovy. Michael and Lou have been keen to take part in RSD and this retro-style 10” EP is the result. There are just 250 copies available, exclusive to Record Store Day and Michael Weston King has this to say:

“We were disappointed not to be able to contribute to Record Store Day in 2013 but are thrilled to do so this year. Like many music freaks of a ‘certain age’, we spent a lot of time in our teenage years hunting for a bargain, reading liner notes and studying credits, many hours ploughing through the racks of the local record shops. Yes, plural! SHOPS! Back then, there were lots of them. And the guys who ran them… they had stories to tell. That is why RSD is such a great event and it is vital to help keep the shops out there going and to encourage more to open. We can see it ourselves here in Birmingham, and in the cities we play… new stores are opening all the time. It is exciting, and who doesn’t LOVE a great record shop!! As we tell everyone at our shows… vinyl is the future! See you in country and soul section.

No Matter What Tammy Said (I Won’t Stand By Him) – A new version of one of THE stand out songs from the bands 2nd album “The Reconciliation?” this version is stripped back to the just vocals and strings. The strings being provided by none other than The Brodsky Quartet. It is a country Juliet Letter!

Gold – Our re-working of the beautiful Peter Blegvad song. Originally asked by a fan to record it as part of a recent Pledge campaign, we liked how it turned out so much that we have included it on the EP. We hear that Peter also digs it too. Phew!

How Do You Plead? – An outtake from the debut album sessions. It was never completed as we ran out of time and money though we used the song title to name the album. A swampy, country-soul, bluesy track with Lou almost rapping at the start. Great feel provided by the stellar band. The line-up is the same as on the debut album so features Geraint Watkins on piano, Martin Belmont on guitar, Kevin Foster on Bass, Al Cook on pedal steel, Jim Russell on drums and produced by Neil Brockbank. – Special note, this track features our daughter Mabel’s first ever foray onto record… on recorder.

Going Back To Memphis – a song from the debut album recorded live at The Maverick festival – this captures the band in its’ full twanging glory. Very much a live favourite.”

Landmarq – “Entertaining Angels” available on vinyl for the first time – 27 April 2014

Chris says: “Plane Groovy was started with the aim of releasing albums on vinyl which had only previously been available digitally. Very quickly we were offered the chance to put out brand-new albums by current bands, but I’m still very keen to continue giving existing digital albums their vinyl debut. “Entertaining Angels” is just such a record, from 27 April it will be available as a heavyweight double album in a sumptuous gatefold cover with lyric insert. Following close liaison with the cutting technicians we’ve been able to include the music from both the regular CD and the bonus disc, giving a running time of around 99 minutes with no reduction of sound levels. With a run of just 500 copies, this is a very welcome addition to our repertoire of modern Prog releases.”

Plane Groovy releases are worked on individually, by music fans, rather than a major label production line.  Each release has been designed with a collectors’ eye in mind, enabling the discerning fan to not only hear the quality of the audio, but the quality of the product. This can be seen in not just in the Landmarq titles’ sound quality, but in the richness of colour on the Curved Air and DBA vinyl printing – a quality that can be held in the hand and stands out from the crowd.

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