ORPHANED LAND: “All Is One” To Be Released On June 24

Orphaned Land

Oriental Rock pioneers Orphaned Land are set to release their sixth studio album in June, and they’re happy to announce to us, that it’s the best yet.  Recorded in 3 countries, “All Is One” has more than 40 contributors, including choirs, violins and many traditional instruments which they claim, took all their existing aspects of recording to a new level.

Singer Kobi Farhi explains. “It turned out so strong, we can’t stop listening to it. Our secret recipe was always the fact that Orphaned Land doesn’t follow ONE master mind that writes everything, we work in a way that is all in one.

With ambitions stretching further than just musical success, Orphaned Land are also hoping to inspire. “We have fans all over the Middle East” Farhi adds.  ”We always hoped we could give a bit of inspiration to the people in the tragic Middle Eastern lands“. Which certainly sounds good to us.

“All Is One” arrives in the UK on June 24th and follows up in the US on June 25th.

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