ORPHANED LAND: “All Is One” Documentary Teaser Posted


ORPHANED LAND will release their new studio album on June 24th in Europe (June 25th in North America).

The limited edition format contains a very special bonus DVD with some very exclusive music clips and an interesting documentary about the genesis and recording of All Is One. Check out a sneak peak of the documentary:

The band is also happy to announce their upcoming European tour will be supported by KLONE, BILOCATE, KHALAS (aka The Arabic Rock Orchestra) and THE MARS CHRONICLE as the opening acts. Orphaned Land often speak of the power of music to turn purported enemies into friends, frequently pay homage and encourage collaborations with the artists from different cultures and religious backgrounds. On All Is One tour, you will be able to see the bands from Israel, Palestine, Jordan and France all together as one, as music must be the best religion out there, as music brings people together and it’s the only voice of hope.


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