NICK D'VIRGILIO Not Giving Up On Spock’s Beard Reunion

Nick D’Virgilio lives in constant hope of playing with Spock’s Beard again in the future.

The drummer bowed out last year after becoming committed to his role with Cirque Du Soleil. He was replaced by long-standing touring man Jimmy Keegan.

And while he looks forward to another chance to work with them, he’s not holding his breath.

D’Virgilio tells Audioholics: “I will never give up on the chance to jam with the guys again. I was in that band from the beginning, for 20 years and some of the best musical and life memories I have.

I wish them all the best with what they’re going for. We’ll just have to wait and see what life brings to the table and take it from there. I’ve stopped trying to predict those kinds of things.

The sticksman is a full member of English-based outfit Big Big Train and continues with with Canadian outfit Mystery. In the past he’s worked with Genesis and Tears for Fears, among others.

He admits one of the reasons for moving on was financial, saying: “Work was slow and so was money. I was was trolling the internet and found out how to send in audition material to Cirque online.

It took a good long time, but they eventually called me and offered me the gig. They said I would be able to bring my wife and two kids – that made me say, ‘Okay, I’ll give it a try.’ It’s been two and a half years already.

Cirque has 21 shows going on worldwide. The show I am in is called Totem. It’s working out that we are in a different city about every two months.

I’m the drummer, one of the lead singers, I play guitar on a couple of tuned and I’m assistant band leader.

Spock’s Beard are working on a new two-disc album set to include contributions from ex-member Morse.


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