MIKE KENEALLY Gives Away Two Live EPs


Mike Keneally has made two live EPs available free of charge – download them from his website.

The collections amount to an almost career-spanning snapshot of the Frank Zappa, Dethklock and Joe Satriani collaborator.

He says: “If you’re new to my music, I hope this selection encourages you to further check out the stuff I do.

“I encourage the spreading of these Free Live EPs far and wide. Feel free to put it on as many music download sites as you want, torrent the living hell out of it, tweet, Facebook, Pinterest… The more you tell your friends, the more people will download it, and that helps me build my audience. Which in turn helps me to make more music and tour – maybe even tour to your town.”


Free EP Vol 1
1. Choosing To Drown (2004)
2. Dolphins (2005)
3. What Are You Doing (2001)
4. Ankle Bracelet (2007)
5. Nonkerchunk (2003)

Free EP Vol 2
1. Oh Angel (2001)
2. Lhai Sal (2001)
3. Pride Is A Sin (2007)
4. Looking For Nina (1998)
5. Cardboard Dog (1998)

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