METAPRISM Launch Video for “Catharsis”

METAPRISM Launch Video for "Catharsis"

Metaprism distinguishes itself with a unique brand of melodic and progressive metal and a combination of male and female vocals, ruthless aggression and soaring melodies. Live and on record, their modern and melodic sound have left a big impression on audiences both in the UK and outside.

“Catharsis” is the first single, for what will be their second album scheduled for release in 2017. Watch the video below. The title of the track is inspired by the metaphor first used by Aristotle, defining an extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration. It is reflecting the changes the band went through earlier in 2016, when their male vocalist, Jut Tabor, had to part ways with the band for personal reasons. With Joey Draper, Metaprism found a more than worthy replacement, who is able to add even more diversity vocally and is stamping his mark with this first release featuring his vocal talents. Alongside Theresa Smith, the vocal duo make a formidable pair with plenty of range, harmonic content and live energy.







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