KLONE Release Video for “Silver Gate”

KLONE Release Video for "Silver Gate"

Atmospheric French rockers Klone have premiered their new video for the track “Silver Gate” taken from their 2019 studio album Le Grand Voyage. Watch it below.

Klone’s guitarist Guillaume Bernard explains how the track fits within the album “’Silver Gate’ is the most atmospheric track on our album ‘Le Grand Voyage‘. Lyrically the song takes a look at the cyclical side of things, like death and rebirth, one cycle ends another begins. Each instrument you hear tells part of the story and together forms a whole, in a suspended and dreamlike atmosphere.

It could be seen that ‘‘Silver Gate’ is closely linked to ‘Yonder’; almost like mirror tracks, as ‘Yonder’ opens the album, ‘Silver Gate’ closes it, both these songs have a similar feel and theme.

For the video clip we called again on Julien Philips, who directed the clip for ‘Breach’. We work closely with Julien so that the aesthetics and the story fit perfectly with the music.

Le Grand Voyage, the band’s 2019 release and first for Kscope, is bold in sonic ambition, twisting dark guitars and electronic ambience into a modern masterpiece that feels excitingly new, yet in many ways feels like a contemporary take on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Not only has Le Grande Voyage received high praise from the media, but the album’s cover artwork, created by Francesco Dell’Orto, was awarded 1st place, best design at 2019’s Art Vinyl awards.

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