KETTLESPIDER Release Sophomore Self-Titled Album on Otober 24th

KETTLESPIDER Release Sophomore Self-Titled Album on Otober 24th

Melbourne-based Progressive Rock act Kettlespider have announced the release of their second, self-titled album for October 24th. The record, produced by Geoffrey Fyfe and Simon Wood, is a follow-up to the group’s 2012’s critically acclaimed debut Avadante.

Growing from the sound captured on their debut concept album this new self-titled work is the culmination of the band’s “Building a Spider” project. Commented bassist Colin Andrews:

This album was significantly more difficult to produce than our first, ‘Avadante.’ We spent considerably longer writing the songs. Each song had at least three revisions from its initial concept, and the process took years. The recording and production stage was also a drawn out process. Finishing an album is a massive and daunting task. That’s what the ‘Building a Spider’ project was designed to navigate us through: finishing the album by breaking it down into manageable chunks. That took a whirlwind eight months, after which we decided to package all the songs together on a single disk. When we realised that we had spent over half our band’s lifespan working on this collection of songs it was unanimously agreed that the album should be called ‘Kettlespider.’”

Speaking about the “Building a Spider” project, Andrews added:

I think it was coincidence that resulted in the ‘Building a Spider’ project being named as such. The idea was thrown out there that we could finish and release the songs one month at a time. That would give us enough time each month to finish tracking or tweak the editing, mixing and mastering of the songs without the strict rule that they all had to sound completely cohesive. It was an ‘ah ha!’ moment when someone counted how many songs we could realistically finish and came up with the number eight. What could possibly be special about a band with the name Kettlespider and the number eight? 

During this phase of writing we were interested in the repetition of themes. It shows up in ‘Avadante’ a little, but ‘Kettlespider‘ has repeating melodies, rhythms and chord progressions in swathes. So many that they aren’t even contained entirely on this record, and actually spill out into the ‘Live at Black Pearl’ recordings!

Kettlespider plan a release party in their home city of Melbourne, but asked about the future plans Andrews said:

After the album is launched on October 24th… who knows? We will be having a big listening party and performing a set for all of our friends and fans here in Melbourne. We’re really hoping that people enjoy our music enough to buy a CD or give the album a download. It would be nice to know that after years of hard work our music has found its place in the prog rock community. But before that, we’re making sure that our OG fans feel the love. We’ve been sending out free copies to those who have given us back more than the music on our CD is worth. It’s the least we could do. For an underground progressive rock band from Down Under, we’ve got some of the best fans that a band could ever hope for.

Kettlespider is out on October 24th; pre-order it from Bandcamp. Three singles from the album are available for streaming. Hear them below.

Kettlespider artwork

Kettlespider Track Listing:

1. The Climber

2. Circus

3. Samsara

4. Break The Safe Pt. 1

5. Anubis

6. Life

7. Rebirth

8. Break The Safe Pt. 2

Kettlespider line-up:

Colin Andrews – bass

Scott Ashburn – guitars

Haris Boyd-Gerny – guitars

Geoffrey Fyfe – keyboards

Simon Wood – drums

About Kettlespider:

Founded in 2011 by Simon Wood (drums), Haris Boyd-Gerny (guitar), Scott Ashburn (guitar), Geoffrey Fyfe (keyboards) and Colin Andrews (bass) — Kettlespider made their mark in 2012 with the release of their independently released concept album, Avadante. The album received critical acclaim in publications such as PROG magazine and HeavyBlogIsHeavy and was featured in the Progarchives’ “Top 100 Albums of 2012.” 

2013 welcomed the release of two new singles, “The Transcent” and “Inevitable,” and saw the band complete a successful tour of Victoria. In 2014, the band recorded a live set at Melbourne’s prestigious Black Pearl Studios. The ensuing release, Live at Black Pearl, provided an insight into Kettlespider‘s incredible musicianship and energetic live performances, garnering them a loyal following in Europe and Japan.

Kettlespider have been regular feature artists at Australia’s PROGFEST over the years, and have also performed alongside major acts such as Caligula’s Horse, Ne Obliviscaris, Black Majesty, Orsome Welles and My Empty Phantom (USA).

In 2016, Kettlespider headlined the inaugural Vision Festival in Adelaide alongside other notable acts from Australia’s progressive music scene. The band also undertook the ambitious “Building a Spider” project, whereby they recorded and released a new song, or “leg” of the spider, every month for eight months. Kettlespider, the band’s self-titled second album, is the final culmination of the “Building a Spider” project.

Kettlespider will be available for release worldwide on October 24th, 2017.

Kettlespider discography:

Discovery (2012, single)

Avadante (2012, full-length)

Inevitable (2013, single)

Kettlespider: Live at Black Pearl (2014, live)

Kettlespider (2017, full-length)

Kettlespider online:




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