JOVIAC Ready to Launch “Here and Now” Album on April 3

JOVIAC Ready to Launch "Here and Now" Album on April 3

Finnish progressive metal band Joviac is set to release their second album Here and Now on April 3 via Inverse Records. A video single for “Straws” can be seen below.

Viljami Wenttola’s comments about the track:

‘Straws’ is probably the song that I’m most proud of on the album. It balances on a razor’s edge between pop and progressive metal, borrowing catchy and simple elements from the former and mixing them with memorable and nuanced elements from the latter. I learned a lot while writing this song, and it somehow pushes all of my buttons in just the right ways. The song deals with the harrowing experience of having a panic attack and frantically trying to get to grips with what’s causing it.

Joviac has gone forward leaps and bounds on their sophomore effort. Here and Now was written and recorded in a year, and the resulting seven songs truly represent the amount of growth and musical evolution that the band has gone through.

The drums were recorded at the pristine Electric Fox Studios in Jyväskylä and the album was mastered by Teemu Liekkala (Red Eleven) and mixed by Janne Korpela.

Listen to the single on:​

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