JON DAVISON on YES New Album: “I Had Lots of Material”


Yes have recently announced new album entitled Heaven and Earth and while waiting for the transcript of our recent interview with guitarist Steve Howe, Jon Davison talked to Prog Report about the creative process.

Davison, who has been working with Yes 2012, started work on the album together with Chris Squire, the only consistent member of the band.

We all did a lot of writing on our own, especially myself,Davison tells Prog Report. “I had lots of material. When we came together, we would try to combine the ideas, or expand the ideas. For example, Steve might have an idea and I would say: ‘Hey, let’s try this with it.’ We’d start blending things together, and expanding concepts — especially Geoff and I. We had a big prog piece but, unfortunately, we didn’t have time to finish it. So, that’ll probably be on the next album. We’ve got a bunch of extra material, too, that just didn’t make it because we had an insufficient time length for this album and things were just left undone.

You can listen to the whole interview below (courtesy of Prog Report).

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