JON ANDERSON: Alien Theory

Jon Anderson likes the idea that UFOs are actually humans from the future taking a look at their own past.

He and Yes bassist Chris Squire came up with the idea years ago – but Anderson still believes it’s an interesting theory.

He tells Legendary Rock Interviews: “To me there’s no question. I remember Chris and I talking about those things, looking at photographs of spaceship lights and captures. He said: ‘We’re just looking at our future selves.’

It really tripped us out. It’s really quite trippy to if you think about it in those terms – they’re our future selves coming back to check us out.

Anderson’s line of thinking is part of his interest in “the great mystery of life” and connects an interest in modern technology with respect for ancient cultures.

He explains: “It’s incredible that there are so many different ways of life still to this day. We have our modern world and we also have people living in caves in Chihuahua, Mexico – the Tarahumara Indians.

“They live in a place called Copper Canyon where they are literally living in caves as we speak. They are wonderful, intelligent and very colourful people, but they still live in caves. We have bush people living in Africa, we have Aborigine people, who are not just native to Australia but are all over the world.

It’s something I’ve studied, along with their music and their way of life. There are even lots of theories about these native peoples bordering on sci-fi and their connection to the alien civilisations. It’s kind of interesting stuff.

Anderson, who’s currently touring South America, believes music is an important connection in the human journey. He says: “It’s something I’m learning. I try and find a way to take some of the things I experience and put them into a song form, so that people who know me or know of my music can take something from it.

“I’m not teaching anything, I’m just passing it on. There’s no need to view things in such black and white terms.”


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