JOHN BROWNE’s FLUX CONDUCT Releases New Album “Yetzer Hara”

JOHN BROWNE's FLUX CONDUCT Releases New Album "Yetzer Hara"

Ex-Fellsilent/Monuments guitarist John Browne has released his second solo album titled Yetzer Hara, under the name Flux Conduct.

Yetzer hara is the first album to feature guest vocalist Renny Carrol of Forever Never, as well as musical contributions from Mike Dawes, Ola Englund (The Haunted) and fellow Monuments riffmeister Olly Steele.

All songs were written, recorded, produced and mastered by John Browne himself.

Yetzer Hara Track Listing:

01: In Pursuit Of Happiness
02: Melancholia (feat. Mike Dawes)
03: Biohate
04: The Deluge
05: Concupicence (Feat. Ola Englund)
06: Harlequinade
07: Weltschmerz
08: Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree
09: Memento Mori (Feat. Olly Steele)

Get a copy of the album here.

Yetzer Hara

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