IAN ANDERSON: “A Jethro Tull Concert Isn’t Impossible in the Future”

Ian Anderson

During an interview with Classic Rock Magazine, Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull fame pointed out that there might be concert activities under the Jethro Tull name in the future. He says:

A Jethro Tull concert isn’t impossible in the future. But who’s going to be in the band? A lot of them don’t play, aren’t feeling terribly well or are dead. Or, in terms of musical ability, wouldn’t hack it. There are some who it’d be fun to have in the band, but only for a day or two. Then it would be frustrating for both of us.

Ian Anderson has put out a new solo album Homo Erraticus on April 14th, 2014 via Kscope. In an interview we conducted with him in April 2014, Anderson said:

Jethro Tull means three things to me: Jethro Tull means the 18th century agriculturalist who invented a seed drill; Jethro Tull means the band of 28 different musicians over the years who have been part of Jethro Tull the rock band that stole the name of the 18th century English agriculturalist back in 1968 and Jethro Tull means the repertoire – the huge collection of music that I have written and produced and engineered and managed and mastered and mixed, and it’s the stuff that I do. So if I’m going to call it Ian Anderson then it’s probably going to remain the case that I prefer to be known under my own name rather than the name Jethro Tull because I feel a little guilty being named after a person whose name our agent stole back in 1968 and I feel embarrassed by that. I always have. Someone asked me about twenty years ago what the thing was that I most regretted in my musical career and my answer has always been the same – the choice of the name.”

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