Hear THE MERCURY TREE’s “Pitchless Tone” Taken From Upcoming Album

The Mercury Tree

On September 3rd, Portland experimental trio The Mercury Tree will release their latest full-length album, Countenance. Coming two years after their last album, Freeze in Phantom Form“, the new album finds the band more experienced and road-tested, and experimenting with a wide variety of sounds. Founded in 2006, the band recently performed at the SeaProg festival in Seattle and will be playing at Progtoberfest in Chicago later this year.

Drummer Connor Reilly commented: “Countenance takes a little bit of every direction that we’ve been exploring over the last four years and mashes them all together to create what I feel is an eclectic, yet exhilarating experience. Each song has its own unique identity, but at the same time, is definitely part of one bigger picture. Listening to this album will be like experiencing the life journey of the band over an hour.

Guitarist and keyboardist Ben Spees adds: “This album is stylistically all over the map, even to the extent of having two different bass players alternating over the tracks. There are some of the softest and jazziest songs we’ve done, and also some of the most aggressive. The epic-length Otoliths is a good example — that song is kind of a microcosm of the diversity of the album as a whole.

Aaron Clark (fretless bass) says: “It’s tighter, and yet it feels like it has a wider scope. The vocals, the loops, the song structures… all of it is more deliberate, more thought out. Oliver and I share bass duties, and despite having very different bass personalities, our visions seem to have an overarching cohesion.

Bassist Oliver Campbell shortly explains: “RAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHH!” (In addition to bass and vocal harmonies, Oliver contributes screamed vocals to some of the songs, the continuation of a recent experimental trend first heard on Secrete A Matrix from the Family Style EP.)

Countenance can be pre-ordered from the Mercury Tree‘s Bandcamp site.

The band will be touring the western U.S. from September 4-22. Tour dates on: http://mercurytree.net

Prog Sphere brings an exclusive premiere of a new song Pitchless Tone, taken from the upcoming album Countenance. Hear it below.

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The Mercury Tree - Countenance

The Mercury Tree – Countenance album art

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