Get The STEVE ROTHERY Band’s “Live in Plovdiv” For Only 50p

Steve Rothery Band - Live in Plovdiv

Steve Rothery is offering his solo band’s live album for just 50p until New Year’s Eve – hear their track White Pass below.

Live In Plovdiv was recorded at a guitar festival in the Bulgarian city in October, when Marillion man Rothery played with Dave Foster, Yatim Halimi and Leon Parr. The success of the show led to his decision to start work on his first-ever solo studio album, The Ghosts Of Pripyat, which has already secured twice the target amount via his Kickstarter campaign.

The 9-track Steve Rothery Band collection normally costs £6 but the discount price of 50p can be activated by going to Rothery’s website and clicking the “Buy Now” link. When the purchase panel appears type “merryxmas” (without quotes) in the discount box, and the price box above will be modified, allowing you to enter £0.50 (or more if you want).

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