GALAHAD: Free Download Of "De-Constructing Ghosts"

Galahad are offering a free download of their 1999 remix album De-Constructing Ghosts.

The veteran prog outfit released the record under their offshoot title Galahad Electric Company. It was based on their Following Ghosts album from the previous year.

They admit De-Constructing Ghosts is “probably the most radical release in the Galahad canon,” adding: “Although not a dance remix album as such, there are a lot of breakbeat and house style beats along with more ethnic influences, which Galahad has dabbled with over the years.

“It was an unusual experiment, especially for the time, which didn’t always work as a whole. There are still some very interesting and creative moments which still sound fresh and contemporary after all these years later – proving conclusively that Galahad have never been just another so-called neo-prog band.”

De-Constructing Ghosts is available on a pay-what-you-want basis from their website.

Galahad are basking in the glory of their best-ever year in terms of album sales after releasing two new records during 2010, Battle Scars in April and Beyond The Realms Of Euphoria in September.

They’re working on an official biography, complete with DVD, and their first UK show of the year takes place at The Thomas Tripp, Christchurch, Dorst on March 24.


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