FLUX CONDUCT Announces New Album “Yetzer Hara”

FLUX CONDUCT Announces New Album "Yetzer Hara"

MONUMENTS/ex-FELLSILENT guitar mastermind John Browne has announced trailer, pre-order info and tracklist for his upcoming solo album to be released independently under the alias FLUX CONDUCT, and is the follow-up to his debut instrumental album Qatsi (2015).

The highly anticipated sophomore album titled Yetzer Hara, which means ‘The Evil Inclination’ in Hebrew, is a concept album about the choices mankind has made and where those choices lead to. John explains, “Multiple times in the Hebrew bible it states ‘Yetzer lev-ha-adam ra’ which means ‘the imagination of the heart of man is evil’. It’s believed that man is born equally between perfection (God – Yetzer Tov) and deficiency (Evil – Yetzer Hara). He isn’t drawn to either but is able to achieve which path he chooses through his own free will. For this album, I wanted to focus on the dark side of the potential path.

Watch the album trailer below.

Unlike the instrumental Qatsi album, Yetzer Hara will also feature vocals, “I felt as though vocal hooks and lyrics were needed to accentuate the fundamentals of what I was trying to portray musically. For this, I enlisted the vocal talent of Renny Carroll from FOREVER NEVER. Renny and myself have gone to some of the darkest places we’ve experienced to write the lyrics for this album.”

Special guest musicians will include Mike Dawes and Olly Steele (Monuments) as well as a few others to be announced soon.

For more info about the new album visit the Flux Conduct page here

Yetzer Hara will be released on January 24th 2017 and can be pre-ordered here: WWW.FLUXCONDUCT.COM

Yetzer Hara Track Listing:

In Pursuit Of Happiness – Portraying Envy
Melancholia – Portraying Sloth
Biohate – Portraying Wrath
The Deluge – Interlude (portraying the great flood)
Concupiscence – Portraying Lust
Harlequinade – Portraying Gluttony
Weltschmerz – Interlude (portraying a person who believes reality can never satisfy the demands of the mind)
Fruit of the Poisonous Tree – Portraying Pride
Memento Mori – Portraying Greed

Flux Conduct - Yetzer Hara

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