FABRIZIO LA PIANA Brings Prog and Jazz Together on “Almond and Coffee”

FABRIZIO LA PIANA Brings Prog and Jazz Together on “Almond and Coffee”

Catania, Italy native and a resident of Amsterdam, guitarist Fabrizio La Piana has recently launched an electrifying new album Almond and Coffee.

The seven-track album, Almond and Coffee sets the guitarist on a journey through different music styles evolving around Jazz and Progressive Rock. Full of unexpected twists towards  vast and unknown, such in the opening “Funky Song” or nonchalant title piece, Almond and Coffee is a powerful statement from the composer.

The album has the improvisational and the interplay qualities you find in jazz, but the sounds and some riffs are coming from rock,La Piana says about the record.

For me it was very natural writing music in this direction because I have been a blues/rock/metal/prog fan for as long as I am a jazz/fusion player.

About the creative process of Almond and Coffe, La Piana commented: “I wrote the songs (with the exception of ‘Interlude’) over the course of time; some songs are pretty old. Then with bassist Bernhard Hollinger and drummer Niels Voskuil we rehearsed the pieces, we played them on two gigs and the next day we went to the studio. There we could just plug and play, so we decided to have a minimal, if none, editing in postproduction, just to leave the music as is.

Almond and Coffee is available now from CD Baby and Fabrizio La Piana’s official website. You can hear “Forte” and “50-50” below.

Almond and Coffee Track Listing:

1. Funky Song
2. Almond and Coffee
3. Forte
4. Pulice
5. 50-50
6. Interlude
7. Rokin 

Fabrizio La Piana - Almond and Coffee

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