EVOKEN: Complete Work On New Album, MP3 Available

Legendary cult atmospheric death/funeral doom metal band EVOKEN have completed work on their anticipated new full-length album, “Atra Mors”.

Seen as one of America’s forefathers of the death/funeral/doom metal movement and having forged in the early nineties where the New Jersey outfit, by incorporating such influences as old-school Paradise Lost, Disembowelment, Thergothon etc. would carve their own legacy in the annals of the doom metal movement as one of its pinnacle and essential bands.  With a career spanning almost 20 years and four unparalleled full-length albums, all essential and classic in their own right, that define EVOKEN’s repertoire, “Atra Mors” (the Latin translation for “Black Death”) signals a new chapter and turning point in the EVOKEN legacy.

Recorded and committed to tape over a six-month period at Sound Spa studios in Edison, New Jersey, “Atra Mors” sees EVOKEN comprise their most ambitious album to date.  While still upholding the utterly colossal, apocalyptic, and extraordinary heaviness the band have become synonymous for, “Atra Mors” sees EVOKEN embrace new ground by experimenting a bit more with the use of ambience and atmosphere, deploying a stronger sense of melody (and moments of tranquility) during some of the album’s discourse along with delivering moments that harken back to the ancient days of pure old-school death metal.

To be officially released July 31st, and what will serve as our official 100th milestone release, tracklisting for “Atra Mors” goes as follows:

  1. Atra Mors
  2. Descent Into Frantic Dream
  3. A Tenebrous Vision
  4. Grim Eloquence
  5. An Extrinsic Divide
  6. Requies Aeterna
  7. The Unechoing Dead
  8. Into Aphotic Devastation

Listen to the song “An Extrinsic Divide” below:

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