ELP Live Experience In Book

The experience of seeing Emerson, Lake and Palmer live has been recorded in a book entitled Do You Wanna Play Some Magic? – and its author promises it will make those who weren’t there wish they had been.

Garry Freeman worked with the three musicians to offer analysis of over 150 ELP concerts from the 1970s plus their 2010 reunion show.

A drummer and music teacher, and also author of The Bootleg Guide, Freeman developed a close friendship with Carl Palmer, which allowed him to gain access to the band’s inner circle.

Publishers Soundcheck Books say: “Garry contacted Carl to see if he’d run one of his renowned Drum Circles for hearing-impaired children. Palmer, being a good guy, agreed – and that was the start of a friendship.

“When Garry decided to write a book about ELP everyone said there was no way they would cooperate. But the band were, in his words, ‘perfect gentlemen.’

“Greg Lake gave an exclusive interview for the book; Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer provided technical information and answered queries too.

“The result is a unique work. Not only does he discuss the shows, the songs played and between-song banter, he also sets the scene to each tour with essential background information, which is particularly fascinating for fans. Even the admission price is covered: How does 50p for a 1971 London Pavilion gig sound?”

Do You Wanna Play Some Magic?: Emerson, Lake and Palmer In Concert 1970-1979 is published this month.

Source: http://www.progrockmag.com

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