DUSAN JEVTOVIC Releases Live Album

Dusan Jevtovic

In the 18 months since the MoonJune studio release of the highly inspired “Am I Walking Wrong”, guitarist Dusan Jevtovic and his bandmates have been honing these compositions through constant touring.

This live release comprises two separate performances with two different rhythm sections. It is especially interesting to hear alternate interpretations on 6 of the 14 tracks by the different lineups. The first 7 tracks were recorded live at ACLAM in Barcelona with Bernat Hernandez and Marko Djordjevic (the rhythm section on “Am I Walking Wrong”) while the remainder were recorded in Dusan’s hometown of Kragujevac in Serbia with bassist Vladimir Samardzic and drummer Amar Cesljar. Working with a fairly straightforward pallet of guitar/bass/drums, Dusan and company perform with great joy as they playfully reinterpret these tunes. With the main riff and melodic structure serving as the musical backbone, the band begins to deconstruct and reimagine the music through creative syncopated improvisation. Though this music could be categorised as an adventurous take on Post-Rock, both band incarnations stress the importance of playing off one another and letting the energy and flow of each track evolve almost organically – hallmarks of the best in jazz playing. The almost reverent silence of the audience in both locations during the performance attests to the captivating skill of these fine players. Both rhythm sections lay the groundwork for some of the most inventive and inspired guitarwork in the past decade. Fans of Robert Fripp, David Torn, Nels Cline, Jeff Beck, John Frusciante and even Jimi Hendrix will be very pleased by this thoughtful set of smoldering tunes.

Direct link for the Bandcamp page where for only $5 you can download this almost 90 minutes live album in all or any of the following formats: FLAC, ALAC, MP3-320: https://dusanjevtovic-moonjune.bandcamp.com

Tunes 1-7 recorded live on July 4th 2014 by Jose Cattaneo at ACLAM by Jose Cattaneo, Barcelona, Spain with:


Tunes 8-14 recorded live on April 24, 2014 by Milos Markovic at Knjazevsko Srspki Teatar, Kragujevac, Serbia with:


Mixed and Mastered by Joan Berenguer, Barcelona, Spain

Dusan Jevtovic - Live

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