DUSAN JEVTOVİC: Live Promotion of “Am I Walking Wrong?” in Barcelona

Dusan Jevtovic

Barcelona – June 27, 2014 - Guitarist and MoonJune Records artist, Dusan Jevtovic will make a special show on July 4th at the Aclam Records studio in Barcelona, performing songs from his critically acclaimed album Am I Walking Wrong? released last year on NYC based label. The whole event will be recorded for both audio and video releases which will be available at some point in the future, and is hosted by Aclam Records and MoonJune Records.

The line-up for the concert will beside Jevtovic include Marko Djordjevic on drums and Bernat Hernandez on bass, and is the same line-up that recorded guitarist’s 2013 album.

Born in the late seventies in Serbia which was then part of the former Yugoslavia, Dusan  Jevtovic’s  young ears were captivated by a wide spectrum of music that was being played on the Yugoslavian national radio airwaves, from American jazz effusions to British hard rock. Serbian folk music also figured prominently in addition to the guitar mastery of Radomir Mihajlovic whom he saw live with the band Smak, perhaps the best known band on the Yugoslavian rock scene throughout the 70′s and 80′s. A life shifting  experience took place and  it became evident that music for Jevtovic was a bit  more than just a passing fancy. A guitar was bestowed upon him by his parents and shortly thereafter he formed his own group Trim which acquired local drawing power with it’s high energy performances.

Jevtovic has recently collaborated with drummer Xavi Reija for an album called Resolution which was released in March on MoonJune Records. He is currently working on a new project with Xavi Reija and a follow-up to Am I Walking Wrong?, both expected to be released in early 2015.

Dusan Jevtovic Live at the Aclam Records studio 



Photography credits: Endika Ussia

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