DISTORTED HARMONY Crowdfunding Sophomore Album Via Indiegogo


Distorted Harmony have launched a crowdfunding campaign to assist with the release of their second album.

They say in a statement: “This album is going to be heavier, with songwriting that is a lot more focused, mature and coherent. The band as a whole has gotten tighter and the variant music influences of each member have been carefully balanced and woven into the compositions.

“Making an album costs money. We are taking every gig we can and working long hours to make sure it will all happen. We don’t want to compromise on the quality, or on what we have decided is the best way to create and present our music.

“The money we are asking for will cover only part of the total expenses, but every cent you contribute will make it a lot easier for us. Your contribution will help us pay for studio rental, mixing, mastering, album artwork, new promotional photos and two official music video clips.

“The new album will Distorted Harmony at its best.”

It’s set for release in March and the band are hoping to raise $6000 towards its costs, with over $800 already committed. Find out how you can help.

(source Prog Magazine)

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