DAYMOON’s “Fabric Of Space Divine” To Be Released On March 30

Fred Lessing

The long awaited sophomore album of the Portugal based regressive-progressive rock project run by multi-instrumentalist Fred Lessing is set to be released on March 30. The official album teaser is show below and what’s noticeable on a first listen (in comparison with the debut “All Tomorrows”) is a giant step forward in almost every aspect. I have received a very personal letter from Mr. Lessing and here is the best insight in what can you expect from “Fabric Of Space Divine”.

Dear Nick,

here goes my own and very private take on my band’s new album, ‘Fabric of Space Divine’, which is the officially 2nd studio album by my Portuguese transgressive rock outfit Daymoon, and which I am lucky to lead. I began the writing process for the album in 1998, and the first recordings date from 2002, many years before my band’s debut album All Tomorrows, released in late 2011. All Tomorrows was a collection of love songs I wrote for my wife Inês, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2010, and – despite the help from friends and music fans across the world – passed away a mere two years later. I’d already finished writing ‘Fabric of Space Divine’ and recording all the base tracks, with musicians from Portugal, Canada and the United States. All that was done in the infancy of the Internet and PC-based recording, and unlike the musicians involved, the quality of the recording was inevitably far from satisfactory. Adding to this the fact that I discovered – way too late in my life – how important it is to love and give ourselves to someone, I discarded the album as frivolous entertainment, and completely forgot about it when my life took a turn for the worse, and lost my faith in the world. (Which was going to be restored by the amazing help, grace and love of so many people, not the least of whom you, Nick, as well as Roine Stolt and Andy Tillison.)

And of course, frivolous entertainment it is! The album is based loosely on the works of British science fiction author Stephen Baxter, and depicts a rather peculiar take on the history of the universe, from the beginning to the end, and a brief excursion into some of the major religions on our planet, without being religious (I hope). This is, the album is a full-on concept album, and three attempts were made to complete the album: first by US vocalist Jeff Markham, who spent heaps of money trying to get the album mixed and produced, but was ripped off in the process. Then by Canadian bassist Mark Guertin, who was eventually caught by surprise when I quit for the above-mentioned reasons. And lastly by my current drummer André Marques, who insisted that this beast be completed, and pulled in much of the current band line-up, and then mixed and re-mixed, and post-produced everything. And yes, I LOVE the result!

As to the music, I wrote much of it without being aware of the word ‘prog’, so whatever prog there is was not mostly written not on purpose. I wanted to write a colourful, thrilling and cinematic album, and was lucky enough to find musicians who helped me make this dream come true. Speaking of which, it was incredibly difficult finding a vocalist willing to sing some of the religion-based songs, as not all of them are entirely orthodox, nor is the overall idea of them album, which postulates a kind of Cosmic Darwinism evolving into what Stephen Baxter calls the Deep Future. I worked as hard as I could trying to convey the whole concept visually and textually in the accompanying digibook.

Anyway, at the moment the album – which was mastered locally at highly renowned STS Estúdio – is with our record label Mals in Russia, and will be available for download and physical purchase from their site, as well as from our Bandcamp page, and the habitual digital channels, such as CD Baby, Amazon, etc.

As a final note, let me add that during those gruesome months last year, I wrote a long sequence of rather dark songs about my experience, and which we have begun working on with the band to eventually become our third studio album.

So many thanks, Nick, for granting me the chance to speak about Fabric of Space Divine. Just another few more weeks, and the album will be up at

Fred Lessing
Sintra, Portugal

Hear the “Fabric Of Space Divine” teaser below.

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