COLDBONES Release Music Video for “Collapse”; New Album out on April 17

COLDBONES Release Music Video for "Collapse"; New Album out on April 17

Following the recent announcement of their second studio album, UK three-piece Coldbones have unveiled “Collapse” – the first video single drawn from their forthcoming, world-ending epic The Cataclysm.

The release of the single comes after an exclusive premiere via Heavy Blog Is Heavy, in which the site stated that “the term “guns blazing” was virtually made for this track.

“We wanted a song that would showcase the brutality of the great flood consuming our world and plunging it into darkness”, comment the band on their choice of single release“The scale of the waves and catastrophic force that comes with each blow is enough to demolish even the most epic of landscapes.”

Releasing on 17th April 2020 via Dunk! Records, Coldbones‘ forthcoming studio offering follows their 2018 debut Where It All Began, and seeks to present an intensely dynamic and emotional journey of musicianship. “The Cataclysm” promises nothing less than the complete and utter destruction of the world as we know it, and Collapse offers fans the first taste of Coldbone‘s latest efforts.

“’Collapse‘ captures the overall barrage of water and it’s dreadful, relentless nature we know it’s capable of”, bassist Nick Suchak continues“The palaces of crowned kings” have as much of a chance as “the huts and habitation” populated by the remaining few.”

Of their latest single, the Kent-based trio acknowledge that Collapse is a joint effort from all band members to move their music into new territories. This heavier, riff based track encourages a more animated response, and though this is a style the band haven’t explored in the past, it has spawned from the trios shared love of metal while growing up.

Speaking further on the track and accompanying music video, Coldbones suitarist Jordan Gilbert explains:

Collectively, it was all our favourite track once we had finished writing the album, and still stands as the song we are most looking forward to playing live. The narrative to the video is based on the new direction we have taken. We are portraying the new style through persona’s which are ‘created’ in the video. The ominous character resembles the instigator of the darker, heavier sound, which he embeds into us.

Serving as a “coup de grace” of the mystery and symbolism surrounding Coldbones‘ latest single release, the iconography of Collapse has been expertly crafted by tattoo artist Dan Frye, with each of The Cataclysm‘s songs receiving a unique icon exclusive to each track’s conceptual vision. The artwork for Collapse bears resemblance not only to seismic readings that might indicate an earthquake, but also to a heartbeat entering it’s final moments of animation – a further nod to the catastrophic events entwined in the trio’s forthcoming release.

Coldbones second studio album The Cataclysm will release on 17th April 2020 via Dunk! Records. You can stream and download “Collapse” now via Spotify and Amazon Music.

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