CLUTCH Already Have Ideas For Next Album


Clutch bassist Dan Maines says the band are creeping slowly towards making their next album.

Writing for the follow-up to this year’s Earth Rocker has begun, and one prototype track even appears in their current live set.

Maines tells Metal Kaos: “It’s not a song yet – at this point it’s an instrumental jam. We’re just calling it ‘the shuffle’ right now; that’s the working title.”

Of the album process he says: “You really have to wait until you have the majority of the songs written so you know what the sound is. You make the decision of who you want to work with based on that.”

In the meantime, he’s still enjoying working with Earth Rocker.

“It’s the first record we’ve made where we’re comfortably playing all the songs,” he comments. “The focus was to write up-tempo rockers and that lent itself to songs that are easily translatable onto the stage.

“We went into the studio with that mindset – we didn’t want to have any element that would be missed when we took the songs to the stage.”

(source Metal Hammer)

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