CHRIS SQUIRE: “Next Year, We Might Consider Doing Something with JON ANDERSON”

Chris Squire

The brand new Yes album titled Heaven & Earth drops out on July 21st in UK and July 22nd in USA, and we have already wrote about it here.

For many years now, fans have been shouting on the social networks that if “no Jon Anderson, no Yes.Anderson left Yes for the third time in 2004. It’s been said on numerous occasions that reunion between Jon Anderson and Yes is possible in the future.

In an interview for the French website Music Waves in May 2014, asked about his and the band’s connection with the former singer, bassist Chris Squire said: “Next year, we might consider doing something with Jon Anderson! I do not know yet but yes, it’s possible!

In November 2013, in an interview for Miami NewTimes, Jon Anderson was asked to express his opinion on fans’  statements that Yes is not “real” without him and his distinctive voice. He commented:

It’s always different. I can imagine when Journey went out with different singers that fans got very upset, but they loved the songs and still go see the band. With Yes, it’s kinda different in many ways because I was a very integral part of the music as well as the songs that I wrote and the lyrics. So it’s a different set of energy when people go see Yes. They’ll hear the music, of course, and it’s really great music, but it’s going to feel different because I think I was this person to the band, leading the band. I had this certain energy, and it’s missing. But that’s not to say people don’t enjoy going to see their show. I can’t really fault them for anything other than they carried on doing the music without me, and it is very inspiring music anyway. So, I can see how the fans are upset in a way. I wish them all the best, and I hope that one day we will all get back together and do the tour everybody dreams of.

Check out this awesome performance of Roundabout from 1973.

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