Watch: CHORAL HEARSE Release Gloomy & Doomy Video for “An Abduction”

Choral Hearse

Berlin-based Progressive Doom Metal all-female act Choral Hearse will release their debut album Mire Exhumed on April 16. Watch a video for the single “An Abduction,” premiere exclusively via Decibel Magazine below.

Choral Hearse commented, “With ‘An Abduction,’ we bring together a lot of what our album ‘Mire Exhumed’ is about: unearthing the hidden, voicing the long-silenced. The song shifts between grief and fury at having been wronged, robbed, or trespassed against, forging a dialogue of remorses, suspended in the moment just before retaliation. The writing process was inspired by the unspoken narratives of real abduction cases. Interspersing voices from various sides of the scenario, including those of the predator and the victim, howling from a state of captivity and then from beyond the grave, the song aims to explore the space of the unseen. Using appropriated images of women in horror films—experiencing, reacting against, or inflicting some form of threat or terror—we want to evoke a portentous sense that these trespasses will be answered.

With a melancholic fury, Choral Hearse casts a sonorous incantation that invokes the restless spirits of hunted witches. The sound of the all-female band brings together dynamic shifts in rhythm and tone, heavy riffs, androgynous vocals, and an interplay between discordance and resolution, conjuring up a dizzying atmosphere of progressive doom.

Based in Berlin, Choral Hearse was originally formed as an acoustic metal duo, featuring guitarist Sara Neidorf and vocalist Liaam Iman, in January 2015. Over the next year, they added drummer Eszter Kàdàrand bassist Bar Landau to solidify their current lineup. Hailing from various corners of the globe—the United States, Algeria, Hungary, and Israel respectively—the members contribute uniquely to a sinister and eclectic sound that calls to mind OpethChelsea WolfeMr. BungleA Perfect Circle, and even a little  bit of Radiohead.

Their forthcoming debut album Mire Exhumed is set for release on April 16th, 2018. Pre-order it from Bandcamp.

Mire Exhumed Track Listing:

01. Chronic Departure
02. Confession
03. Distorted Perception
04. Engulfed
05. Elucidated
06. Better Kill the Flies
07. A Hideous Revelation
08. An Abduction
09. Mutation
10. Once Again

Choral Hearse line-up:

Liaam Iman – vocals
Sara Neidorf – guitars
Eszter Kadar – drums
Bar Landau – bass



Choral Hearse - Mire Exhumed

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