Check Out This Sick Live Performance by VEDERKAST

Vederkast at the Olavsvern Naval Base

Over the years, I could see bands playing in various different locations which are not actually made for gigging, but that didn’t stop the artists doing these performances anyway. One of such performances was a short gig by Norwegian hard/progressive rock band Vederkast who performed a set of four songs at the Olavsvern Naval Base in Tromso, Norway. This complex is actually an underground submarine base, located deep inside the Norwegian mountains.

The gig itself was closed for the audiences but luckily these awesome northerners, who recently did an interview with Prog Sphere, filmed the performance which is available on YouTube and can be seen below.

According to Wikipedia, “Olavsvern is a decommissioned Royal Norwegian Navy base located just outside the city of Tromsø and currently leased to state owned Russian research institutes.” I am not really sure how the band could actually get hold of this cool space, but no matter what, the whole video looks awesome, and accompanied with Vederkast‘s music it is even better.

Vederkast released their full-length debut album “Northern Gothic” in October, and it is available here.

Vederkast is:

Paul Aronsen – vocals and bass
Finn Fodstad – guitar and backing vocals
Sindre Bakland – guitar
Magnus Tornensis – drums

Vederkast - Northern Gothic

Photo credits: Terje Arntsen

Photo credits: Terje Arntsen

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