CAMEL: “The Snow Goose” Has Been Re-Recorded


The news of the day are coming from one of the progressive rock’s most influential and loved bands – Camel:

As a taster for the upcoming shows, The Snow Goose has been lovingly re-recorded. Faithful to the original with tasty arrangements and enhancements for stage presentation, The Snow Goose is not only a timeless story of love and war.  It is a tale of dignity and kindness lifted to the heart on the wings of an injured Snow Goose through her unique relationship with two humans.  Written by Paul Gallico, this short story inspired this beautiful music.

Camel - The Snow Goose

As it often goes in show biz, the band realised that the increasing demand for performances into 2014 would be more than Jan Schelhaas could agree to.  Fearing a conflict with Caravan’s touring schedule, the reluctant choice was made to enlist a player who had no future committments and thus, Jason Hart was drafted to take Jan’s place.  

Jason’s most notable pedigree is with Renaissance so he has slotted in with CAMEL beautifully and the show is already taking shape.  He will surely be welcomed by all who come to the performances.  

Camel in rehearsal

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