BRIGAND Premiere Video for “Zmijsko Ulje”


Serbian alternative rock/doom/post-grunge band Brigand (originating from Pančevo/Belgrade area) has recently published their new single “Zmijsko Ulje“(Snake Oil). Video for the song has been shot (see it below), and this is all a part of the upcoming Balkan Under The Radar vol. 3 compilation from Black Planet Records from Niš, Serbia. Brigand are currently in process of writing songs for their new album, working titled “Sektaški Obredi Na Grobu Našeg Bivšeg Predsednika” (“Occult Performances At The Grave Of Our Former President”).

Guitarist Velibor Nikolić commented on the video: “Video vas shoot around the various locations in Serbia. But most important part was around Pančevo on the road with old Mercedes and skeleton that I “borrowed” from local school. We wanted to do a casual, polyphonic montaged video, with no big-budget copying intentions. Just fun.

About the creative process and sound of the new material, Nikolić said: “I think our new album will be much different than our first album “Zaplešimo Grešnici” (“Swing You Sinners”) and our last single “Zmijsko Ulje.” At first I wanted to do a light version of Brigand, 10 pop-rock pieces. But as the songwriting progressed, I realized that this shit will be darker even than Jewy Sabatay. It will sound like Fields Of Nephilim meet Nirvana with touch of early Swans. I dont give a two cents about trend in production, so we will keep it old school way. No reamps, very little plugins, no tracing, no duplex shit. Pretty raw I guess.

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Cover photo by Marko Adamovic

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